Earn Your Degree on Your Terms.
Enroll in a college that fits your lifestyle and schedule.
100% Online. Accredited. Affordable.
Fit higher education in your daily schedule.

Earn Your Degree on Your Terms

Enroll in a college that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Naaleh College is an accredited online college that provides flexible, affordable, and accredited academic degree programs – 100% online – that will enable you to find a stable, well-paying job and advance your career. Study in a Jewish environment and combine your higher education with your day job or your yeshiva and seminary studies.

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“Our goal is to help students like you earn a degree, enabling you to develop a successful career – in a supportive Jewish environment. Our programs are flexible and completely online, so you can study without compromising your current commitments or disrupting your daily schedule.”

Rabbi Hershel Reichman, President of Naaleh College

We are an accredited and independent institution.

Naaleh College was founded in 2011, achieved state licensure in 2012, and achieved institutional accreditation in 2018. In 2020, Naaleh College was reaccredited by the DEAC until 2025. Naaleh College is authorized in all 50 states of the United States.

Our Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelors in Computer Programming and Technology

Futureproof your career with a BS in Computer Programming and Technology

Associate Degree in Software and Web Development

Get a solid foundation in the IT industry to jumpstart your career

Bachelor of Arts in Judaic Studies

Get an accredited degree in Judaic Studies to launch your rabbinic career or enroll in a graduate program

Yeshiva Program (BA)

Complete your fully accredited Bachelor’s degree without leaving Yeshiva

Graduate Degrees

MBA in Marketing

Advance your career with an MBA from Naaleh College. Open the path to many career options that are compatible with a Jewish way of life


Your Benefits

Supportive Faculty and Advisors: We'll Help You Choose a Learning Plan that Accommodates Your Preferences

so you can feel confident that you are on track towards a promising career

Your Comfort Zone: Learn in a Completely Jewish Environment

and never feel uneasy about your coursework or lessons.

Remote: Attend all Classes Online

and never be limited by location.

Flexible: Complete Your Weekly Assignments During Your Own Hours

and have the freedom to schedule college around your priorities.

The Naaleh College Online Advantage

Naaleh College offers top notch accredited 100% online degree options in tandem with Torah values. Study at your own pace and master core concepts and cutting edge skills necessary in today’s competitive job market. Learn with expert instructors and engage with like-minded peers in a cohesive,  innovative, milieu that nurtures potential into reality.

  • Cutting edge collaborative learning and support
  • Immersive synergetic online environment
  • Top faculty
  • Personalized academic and career guidance

Graduate sooner without prohibitive debt.

Naaleh College makes it possible.


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