Enroll in a college that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Start Studying. Keep Living.

The combination of an affordable program in a convenient format and caring faculty helps make earning a college degree an attainable goal for our students.

Rabbi Harold Reichman PhD
Naaleh College President

Why Study at Naaleh College?

Self Paced: Choose a Learning Pace that Accommodates Your Schedule

and avoid the pressure of unrealistic expectations

Your Comfort Zone: Learn in a Completely Jewish Environment

and never feel uneasy about your coursework or lessons.

Remote: Attend all Classes Online

and never be limited by location.

Flexible: Complete Your Weekly Assignments During Your Own Hours

and have the freedom to schedule college around your priorities.
  • Naaleh College is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to earn a degree from any location, at any time. I was able to move to Israel, travel back and forth to and from America, and take care of my baby—all while earning my computer degree. I loved the convenience that it offered.

    Chaya G.
    B.S. Computer Science Graduate Aug. 2018
  • When I saw what Naaleh College was about, I was sold. Naaleh let me get a degree in a religious environment. I loved Naaleh from the first week.

    M. Z.
    BA Judaic Studies Graduate June 2018
  • I was able to stay in kollel part time while earning my computer degree. The staff was accommodating and understanding about my demanding schedule

    A.S. Computer Information Graduate Feb. 2018
  • Naaleh College let me graduate without the prohibitive debt that comes with other college options I researched. I got a scholarship and was able to transfer my entire associate degree toward my bachelor’s. I graduated with a bachelor’s four semesters later

    Judaic Studies Graduate Graduate July 2018
  • I was concerned that I would have trouble with the platform, but it was easy to navigate.The staff was always so available and supportive! I would recommend Naaleh College to anyone who wants to get a degree while remaining in a religious environment

    BA Judaic Studies Graduate June 2018
  • Naaleh College was the stepping stone to my career. The staff were accommodating, flexible, understanding and wanted me to succeed. Naaleh College offered a well-rounded, thorough education that helped me succeed in the job world.

    A.S. Computer Information Graduate Feb. 2018
  • Naaleh College offered a very affordable degree and a flexible program. I was able to start working full-time at a job I wanted after graduating with my bachelor’s in Judaic studies.

    BA Judaic Studies Graduate July 2018
  • I loved all of my teachers. They were always so available and supportive! Whenever I had a question, they answered me within minutes.
    When I wanted to accelerate my degree, they told me which exams to take

    BA Judaic Studies Graduate June 2018

Naaleh College: Accelerated. Affordable.


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