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Complete a Degree Program that Works for Your Lifestyle and Schedule.

“The Cadillac of a college education for a ben or bas Torah”

Oh, how I wish I would have had the opportunity for a Naaleh College education back in the day! Educational, practical, affordable and Torahdik. This is the Cadillac of college education for a ben or bas Torah!

Hanoch Teller
guest lecturer for Naaleh College

Naaleh College is a non-profit, online college accredited by The Distance Education Accrediting Commission.

We’re committed to providing a quality, convenient degree program that accommodates your needs  while advancing your personal and professional goals.

Naaleh College is accredited and recognized by:

You’re ready to complete your bachelor’s degree. Congratulations on working towards that milestone!

You’re serious about your goals. You’re motivated to achieve them.

But, can you still get a degree when:

You can’t commit to a full-time college schedule?

You don’t want to leave a job that you love?

You want to be there for your family, when they need you most?

You don’t feel comfortable about learning in a secular environment?

You don’t want to compromise on your values and other commitments?

Yes, you can.

We’re here to help students like you earn a convenient degree with a program that:

Accommodates your schedule

Supports your values

Acknowledges your other commitments

Your schedule. Your lifestyle. Your degree.

How can Naaleh College help you?

Remote: Attend all classes online

And never be limited by location.

Flexible: Complete your weekly assignments during your own hours

And have the freedom to schedule college around your priorities

Self-paced: Choose a learning pace that accommodates your schedule

And avoid the pressure of unrealistic expectations

Your comfort zone: Learn in a completely Jewish environment

And never feel uneasy about your coursework or lessons

“Naaleh College is the perfect solution”

  • Naaleh College is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to earn a degree from any location, at any time. I was able to move to Israel, travel back and forth to and from America, and take care of my baby—all while earning my computer degree. I loved the convenience that it offered.

    Dina Biderman
  • When I saw what Naaleh College was about, I knew it was right for me. Naaleh allowed me to get a degree in a religious environment. Because it was flexible, I was able to learn at my own pace and keep my dream job. I loved Naaleh from the first week.

    M. Z.
  • I was able to stay in kollel part time while earning my computer degree. The staff was accommodating and understanding about my demanding schedule

    Simcha Ziskind
  • I wanted to pursue other opportunities aside from my photography business and was limited because I didn’t have a degree. Because of Naaleh, I was able to earn a degree in a Torah environment, while leading a very busy life as a photographer. Naaleh made this dream possible

    Netanya Silver
  • Naaleh College let me graduate without the prohibitive debt that comes with other college options I researched. I got a scholarship and was able to transfer my entire associate degree toward my bachelor’s. I graduated with a bachelor’s four semesters later

    Dena Robbins

Your credits. Your program. Your budget.

Why else choose a college designed to work for you?

We know that graduating when you have other things going on is challenging, and we want to help you get there.

Graduate in the the most affordable, efficient way with:

A generous credit-transfer policy

A Personalized program

Lower costs per credit

Transfer maximum credits

Save money and time. Graduate sooner.

Transfer up to a total of 90 credits from high school, post high school, colleges, and college-level exams.

Graduate with an affordable degree

Avoid the strain of  exorbitant prices and prohibitive college debt.

Invest only $300 per credit.

Pay less when you earn a scholarship

Ease the burden of paying your way through college.

Generous scholarships make college an attainable goal

Get a personalized program plan.

Save money, time, and heartache.

Avoid the confusion, extra coursework, and hidden fees that can result with self-guided degree programs.

Never take an extra course.  Only pay for credits earned at Naaleh College

Speak to one of our supportive staff, and get an individually-outlined program.

Choose your program

Computer Track

Join the the promising, lucrative field of hi-tech with a degree in Computer Information Management

Judaic Studies Track

Make yourself more marketable and expand your career opportunities, while enriching your Jewish knowledge with a bachelor’s in Judaic studies.

Associate Degree in Computer Information Management

Get the cutting-edge skills most in demand today.

Learn programming languages, web development, database management, and mobile application development.

Learn More

Bachelor’s degree in computer information management

Expand your career opportunities with a comprehensive background in computer technology

Learn application programming, security, networking and web development, languages for software, web, and mobile application development.

Learn More

Bachelor’s in Judaic studies for the standard student


Learn More

Bachelor’s in Judaic studies for the Yeshiva student


Earn an accelerated degree without stepping out of the Beis Medrash.

Learn More

What other benefits do we offer?

Get personal support and guidance

Never go it alone. Have the serenity of knowing we’re here for you from the application process until your job search.

Our staff members are available through the platform and email communication for consistent assistance and feedback.

Benefit from an in-classroom style education

Enjoy the convenience of an online degree. Get a taste of in-classroom learning.

Learn through video lectures that mimic the classroom experience.

Follow up on your coursework through an interactive, user-friendly platform.

Use the discussion board to communicate with your teachers and classmates

Gain a valuable education for life

No extra coursework or fluff material.  Gain real-time value from every course.

Learn skills for success in your personal and professional life.

Absorb lessons from religious professionals

Avoid the problems that crop up with secular-minded educators. Learn only from religiously sensitive professionals.

Our staff members are:

Experts in their field

Well-known, dynamic influencers and role models, such as Dayan Cohen,  Rabbi Hanoch Teller, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

“They answered me within minutes”

The platform was easy to navigate and the discussion board helped me think creatively and interact with my classmates.The staff was always so helpful, supportive and available! Whenever I had a question, they answered me within minutes. When I wanted to transfer more credits, the staff told me which exams to take.

M. Z.

“Naaleh College was the stepping stone to my career”

Naaleh College was the stepping stone to my career. The staff were accommodating, flexible, understanding and wanted me to succeed. Naaleh College offered a well-rounded, thorough education that helped me succeed in the job world.

Simcha Ziskind

Start earning your degree in 4 easy steps



Submit your application materials.


Get interviewed

Talk with our registrar to see if Naaleh is right for you.


Get accepted

Sign the agreements.


Transfer your credits and register.

Start earning the  credits you need to complete your degree toward your degree.

Real graduates. Real results.

Can you experience success? Read what our graduates say

“I found my dream job just two days after I graduated with my bachelor’s in Judaic studies”

I would recommend Naaleh College to anyone who wants to get a degree in a religious environment. Baruch Hashem, I found my dream job just two days after I graduated with my bachelor’s in Judaic studies

M. Z.

Naaleh College offered a very affordable degree and a flexible program. I was able to start working full-time at a job I wanted after graduating with my bachelor’s in Judaic studies.

Dena Robbins

We Care About Your Needs.

We don’t think that anyone who’s motivated to reach their goals should be limited by other commitments. That’s why we created a college with your life in mind— your lifestyle, your schedule, and your budget.

Our students are earning their degrees while keeping up with everything that’s important to them.

You can, too.

Yes, I want  a flexible degree that will help me live the life I want!