BS Computer Information Management


Naaleh College’s Bachelor’s Degree in Computers Information Management covers a wide range of computer and technology aspects used in today’s organizations such as application programming, security, networking and web development. The degree consists of a number of core courses that provide skills in different areas of programming. Students learn languages for software, web and mobile application development. In addition to building and writing programs, students complete courses in the fundamentals of information technology. This program is employer driven, providing hands-on experience in the skills needed for entry level positions in a broad spectrum of companies.



Demonstrate proficiency in computer applications as evidenced by:

  1.  Creating word documents
  2.  Publishing professional presentations
  3.  Manipulating data using spreadsheets and databases

Build applications for various platforms including one or all of the following:

  1. Program in modern object-oriented programming languages, leveraging appropriate patterns and structures
  2. Develop and optimize websites on both client and server sides
  3. Produce mobile applications

Design applications and drive their implementations as evidenced by:

  1. Assembling designs of systems and analyzing them
  2. Integrating security measures into designs
  3.  Incorporating computer networking to distribute components of systems within a firm and in the cloud

Construct the processes which consume and produce system data as evidenced by:

  1. Designing relational databases
  2. Programing applications to interact with databases
  3. Applying the tools and constructs required to handle Big Data


Demonstrate creative thinking skills

  1. Student will be able to outline multiple solutions to a problem.  
  2. Student will be able to recognize consequences of solution and articulate reason for choosing solution.
  3. Student will be able to create a novel or unique idea, question, format, or product

Demonstrate critical analysis skills

  1. Student will be able to organize evidence to reveal insightful patterns, differences, or similarities.
  2. Student will be able to Synthesize in-depth information from relevant sources representing various points of view/ approaches.
  3. Student will be able to analyze arguments defining limitations and implications.

Demonstrate ethical responsibility

  1. Student will be able to judge and evaluate business behavior.
  2. Student will be able to compare and contrast employee and employer relationships.
  3. Student will be able to argue for the importance of ethical work responsibility.

Computer Information Program Requirements

General Education Core Requirements Course Title Credit Hours
  General Education  
MAT 102 Algebra 3
Science, Technology and Math Any MAT, CPT, or Science courses 6
Language and Literature Any COM, LIT, or Language courses 6
Social Responsibility SOC 102, SOC 103, or other Ethics courses 6
Social Sciences Any PSY, JPHL, or other social science courses 9
  Total General Education 30

Required Major Courses

CPT 101 Computer Applications 3
CPT 111 Programming in Java 3
CPT 121 Web Development I 3
CPT 202 Operating Systems 3
CPT 210 Database Management 3
CPT 212 C# Programming with Visual Studio.Net 3
CPT 222 Web Development II 3
CPT 230 Mobile Application Development 3
CPT 301 Information Security 3
CPT 311 Fundamentals of Networking 3
CPT 312 Information Technology Management 3
CPT 401 Big Data 3
CPT 412 Cloud Computing 3
  Total Major Courses 39
  Total Elective Credits (Choose from General or Judaic) 21
  Total Program Credits 120
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