How does online study actually work?

Online education is often misunderstood. At Naaleh College, online education includes various class options:
  1. Regular classes  consist of a taped lecture and/or reading assignment
  2. Some of the regular classes have a “live class” option (for an additional fee) which is similar to the dynamics of a regular class via Zoom
  3. Self paced courses (for a reduced fee, limited to 25% of the degree) – this is similar to testing programs where students receive a curriculum, are expected to learn the material on their own and take the final exam at semester’s end. No instructor available for questions or assistance.
Regular and live classes include:
  1.  “Discussion Board” where the instructor posts questions/”food for thought”  comments weekly and the students are expected to respond.
  2. Weekly assignments which the students are required to complete. This is to ensure the students keep up with the material and do not fall behind which can lead to a “drop out.” CBE courses allow students to work faster than the weekly schedule.
  3. Instructors are available on a weekly basis for meeting with the student either by phone, email, or video meeting.
All courses include student support in the form of technical support, student advisement, and academic services.

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