Academic degree and NCCRS credits - What's the difference?

What is the difference between a degree from an accredited college like Naaleh College and earning credits via NCCRS?

In order to be called a college, an institution needs a license from the state. Colleges must comply with state education requirements to be licensed by the state. Once the institution is licensed for several years, with students, it can apply for accreditation. Accrediting bodies are licensed by CHEA, the Council of Higher Education.

Accreditation means that an industry body that regulates the industry has reviewed the college’s operations and is certifying that it meets industry standards. Operations that the accrediting body reviews include

  • financial stability
  • academics
  • institutional performance
  • student services
  • and student success

Thus, when an institution earns accreditation, that means it has passed two levels of review, the state’s and an industry body’s.

There are many institutions that provide opportunities for students to earn credit via NCCRS. NCCRS is a body that reviews specific courses and recommends that these courses are accepted for credit. The institution offering the NCCRS recognized courses is not licensed by the state or accredited. It is not a college that can award degrees. Only a licensed college can offer a degree. Only accredited colleges can offer accredited degrees.

Naaleh College is licensed by the state of Fl and accredited by Distance Education Accrediting Commission, DEAC.

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