About Us

Naaleh College's Mission Statement

Naaleh College is dedicated to providing affordable, accessible, universal education with the goal of professional employment and personal development. The institution is able to make education accessible by offering courses online, via distance education. 

Naaleh College believes that education is the key to personal growth and success, and that students should be imbued with professional skills together with moral development and education for values. The values Naaleh College hopes to impart to students are G-d’s instructions for humanity as expressed in His revelation of the Torah.

Our Name

Naaleh means “let us ascend.” We chose this name because we believe education is the key to advancement and success in all areas of life.  Naaleh College is a project of Naaleh.com, a Jewish educational website which provides thousands of Torah lectures to over 29,000 members. 

Our History

Naaleh College is a subsidiary of Beis Midrash of Queens, a registered non-profit organization.  Beis Midrash of Queens was founded in 1982 by Rabbi Dr. Harold J. Reichman, with the mission of building charitable and educational endeavors throughout the world. Since then, BMQ has played a pivotal role in the continued development of tens of educational institutions, and assisting numerous charitable organizations and needy individuals.  

In 2006, Beis Midrash of Queens created Naaleh.com, a free website offering video lectures and classes on a wide range of Torah topics.  On November 8, 2011,  BMQ was awarded a Provisional License to operate Naaleh College by the Commission for Independent Education of the Florida Dept. of Education.  On December 18, 2012, Naaleh College was awarded an Annual License by the Commission for Independent Education.  The Florida Dept. of Education has renewed the Naaleh College License annually since 2012.

Recognition and Accreditation

Our Goals

Academic Goals

Students become life-long learners

Students gain skills to continue learning

Students demonstrate mastery of the tools to perform successfully in a technology driven world.

Ethical Goals

Students act with integrity

Students utilize ethical business practices.

Economic Goal

Graduates of Naaleh College will enter professional life without prohibitive debt.

Professional Goals

Graduates will gain employment.

Graduates will function successfully in a professional team.

Advantages of Our Programs


Pursue a lucrative and enjoyable career at one of our degree programs.

Expert Teachers

Our lecturers and instructors include dynamic, experienced, and well-known teachers.

Judaic Studies

Students who wish to include Judaic Studies in their post-secondary education may choose from a wide array of Torah courses to complete their degrees.


Our low tuition rates of $300 a credit, plus no extra housing or travel costs, help keep your education affordable. Email registrar@naalehcollege.com for details


Full college services and courses accessible from anywhere, with just a computer and an Internet connection.


Class discussion boards and teacher availability through email and online office hours ensure that you are guided through the material studied.


Naaleh College requires all students to take Law and Ethics courses which teach ethical business practices.  Additionally, students’ identities are verified and selected exams are proctored using the online proctoring service ProctorU.


Naaleh College constantly updates Program Offerings to ensure that students receive the right skills to succeed in their chosen career paths.  Naaleh College does not guarantee employment. 


Naaleh College is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education of the Department of Education in the State of Florida. All of Naaleh’s courses and programs have been approved by the CIE, and all Naaleh College diplomas are recognized by the Florida Department of Education.

Classroom Experience

Use of video lectures allows you to see teachers and simulates direct teaching of a traditional classroom.


Naaleh College is an Orthodox Jewish institution, guided by the fundamental beliefs of Orthodox Judaism as taught in the Torah, which includes the written Jewish Bible and the Oral Torah, also known as halacha.  Among the core values are the belief in the Divinity of the Torah.

Beliefs which guide Naaleh College are:

  • The belief in One Omnipotent G-d
  • The belief in G-d’s Providence and involvement in our world
  • G-d has demands upon us to live moral and ethical lives, as expressed in the Torah. The Torah contains His directives for the human race.

These beliefs are further expounded in the Thirteen Principles of Faith presented by Maimonides.

Naaleh College is a privately owned post-secondary school, which does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, disability, or national origin. Even though Naaleh College is open to all students regardless of their personal religious beliefs,   we expect all students and faculty to respect the values of the Jewish tradition. Students and faculty should be of good moral character, as defined by the student and employee codes of conduct.

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