We don’t only provide college education and help students create a better future – we also deal with common questions about life as a Jew in the workplace. We understand the challenges the modern world puts in front of a true and sincere oved Hashem (servant of G-d) and we want to offer you a bit more insight into what the “real world” looks like and how to prepare for it in advance.

In our blog, we post articles and content of different types. Besides interesting college facts and news,  we also address contemporary issues and questions about the importance of hishtadlus, emunah, and mussar in the workplace, and aim to provide practical guidance on how to deal with cultural and religious challenges. We also provide practical study advice on how to best organize one’s schedule, keep up with the plan, and master the course work. 

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What is DEAC Accreditation?

What is Accreditation? Accreditation is a non-governmental peer-review process that evaluates the educational standards of an institution or program. In...
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Orchos Chaim: Ben Torah for Life

Reprinted with permission from Jewish Action, Vol 81, No.1 (Fall 2020) Review of Orchos Chaim: Ben Torah for Life Reviewed by...
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Woman Surviving and Thriving at Work

There is no middle ground, no pareve Every year dozens of very good Jewish books appear, works that inform, uplift,...
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Ben Torah in the Workplace

Once upon a time, there was a fabled job waiting for the ben Torah who was prepared to enter the...
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Higher Office

Could he attend work lunches at treif restaurants and what could he eat there? How far did he have to...
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