BS in Computer Programming

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Why Computer Programming?

In an era where people work from home, shop from their smartphones, and pay their bills using apps, technology is more than a luxury – it’s a necessity. The world revolves around technology and very often the success of a business depends on a team of talented programmers, developers and engineers. No business can survive without people who can code, develop an application, or secure their network. According to Forbes, a Bachelor’s in Computer Science is among the top 7 degrees with highest salary potential and programmers are always in high demand.

Rapidly growing industry

The IT job market is ranked 4th in job creation since 2010.

Good Salary

The median tech occupation wage is almost 2x higher that the median national wage.

Healthy work-life balance

Many companies offer work-from-home positions with flexible hours.

Advancement options

There are many opportunities to advance your career and earn a higher income as you gain experience.

BS in Computer Programming and Technology


Can be as low as $11,850 with sufficient transfer credit.
Scholarships are available for eligible students


1.5- 2 years
Semester schedule of two 15-week semesters and an accelerated 8 week summer semester

Application Requirements

High School transcript
Online Application
Legal photo ID
$35 Application Fee

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