Questions About Our Program

Will I be able to transfer Naaleh College credits to other institutions?

Our courses conform to high academic standards and are acceptable to a large number of colleges. Some institutions that accept our credits include Touro University Worldwide (Touro online), CUNY, YU, NYU, Rutgers, Princeton, and University of Maryland.

The transferability of all college credits, however, is solely at the discretion of the receiving institution. Naaleh can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to transfer your credits, and it’s each student’s responsibility to confirm whether or not your credits will be accepted by the institution of your choice.

Can I transfer Judaic Studies and other previously-earned credits to Naaleh College?

We’re pleased to provide a generous credit-transfer policy. Up to 75% of another program’s credits can be transferred to Naaleh College.

Naaleh College accepts credits that meet the school’s standards. Classes offered by accredited institutions, some Israeli yeshivos and seminaries, and some advanced high school courses might offer credits. Schools that signed an articulation agreement with Naaleh College may offer Naaleh College credits for some of their courses.

You can transfer credits earned from other postsecondary institutions, but only after they’re confirmed and validated by our academic department and deemed appropriate for our program.

You can also earn credits after passing college-approved challenge examinations or standardized tests in specific subjects. You can potentially transfer up to 30 credits earned through AP, CLEP, DANTES, StraighterLine, and TAL examinations, among others. Please contact registrar@naaleleh. edu for any specific questions you might have.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Both need-based and merit-based scholarships are available for eligible students. You can read a description of our financial assistance programs here. Contact our registrar for details.

How do I apply to Naaleh College?

Fill out a short online application and submit a legal photo ID, a letter of recommendation, high school, yeshiva/seminary, or college transcript and application essay by email to registrar@naalehcollege.edu.

Can I enroll for individual computer or Judaic Studies courses without committing to complete my degree?

Yes, you can enroll in individual courses by following the standard application process

Can I start taking courses at Naaleh College any time?

Naaleh College has a defined academic calendar with a set semester schedule. The college runs three semesters a year, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Spring and Fall Semesters run for 15 weeks, and Summer Semester runs for approximately 8 weeks. Click here for the 2019 Academic Calendar.

How will Naaleh College work around my schedule?

All Naaleh coursework can be done at your convenience. Keep in mind that you do need to keep up with the weekly schedule of classes and assignments and meet weekly deadlines.

How do you avoid integrity issues which may come up with online tests?

Important exams are proctored via an online proctoring service, and under strict testing conditions.

How do I choose my courses?

Once you complete the application process and are informed that you’re accepted to Naaleh College, you’ll receive an email from our registrar, Ruth Wacks, who will guide you through the course-selection process. You’ll need to select your courses online and will be enrolled once payment is finalized.

Questions about our Technology

What online learning platform does Naaleh College use?

Naaleh College uses the Moodle integrated learning platform.

What equipment do I need to take Naaleh Courses?

Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64-bit or newer

Intel® i5 or i7 Quad-Core or Xeon Ivy Bridge or newer processors

3.0 GHz or greater processor speed

16GB Memory or greater

500GB Hard Drive or greater

Wireless Network Adapter

Adobe Flash version 9 or above


Microsoft Office 2007 or above

Adobe Reader version 7 or above

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