Questions About Our Program

What is Naaleh College?

Naaleh College is a non-profit independent online college licensed by the Florida Board of Education. Naaleh College is a project of Naaleh.com, the premier Torah video website, and a subsidiary of the Beis Midrash of Queens.

What are some of the advantages of the Naaleh College program?

Opportunity: Variety of career options offered.

Convenience: Full college services and courses accessible from anywhere, with just a computer and an Internet connection.

Judaic Studies: Students who wish to include Judaic Studies in their post-secondary education may choose from a wide array of Torah courses to complete their degrees.

Guidance: Class forums and teacher availability through email and regular online office hours, ensure that students are guided through the material studied.

Classroom Experience: Use of video lectures allows students to see teachers and simulates the direct teaching of a brick-and-mortar classroom.

Expert Teachers: Our lecturers and instructors include dynamic, experienced, and well-known teachers.

Affordability: Reasonable tuition makes earning a college degree an attainable goal regardless of financial limitations. Cost is $300 a credit, less than most private, online, state, or city colleges.

Scholarships: Merit and need-based scholarships available. Email registrar@naalehcollege.com for details.

Ethics: Naaleh College insists on the highest standards of ethics in testing and evaluation. Students take all midterm and final exams at testing centers in order to uphold the reputation of our school and its graduates.

Will I be able to transfer Naaleh College credits to other institutions?

The transferability of all college credits is solely at the discretion of the receiving institution. Naaleh College cannot guarantee transfer of credit, and it is each student’s responsibility to confirm whether or not credits will be accepted by another institution.

We are confident that our programs and courses conform to high academic standards which will be acceptable to other schools. As students take our courses and submit them for transfer to other institutions, we will post the names of institution who have accepted Naaleh College credits.

Can I transfer Judaic Studies and other credits to Naaleh College?

Naaleh College will accept credits that meet the school’s standards. Classes offered by accredited institutions, some Israeli yeshivot and seminaries, and some advanced high school courses are eligible for credit. In addition, schools have signed an articulation agreement with Naaleh College may offer Naaleh College credits for some of their courses.

Student may transfer credits earned and transferred from other postsecondary institutions, when congruent and applicable to Naaleh’s program, and when validated and confirmed by Naaleh College. Credits can also be earned upon successful completion of challenge examinations or standardized tests demonstrating learning at the credential level in specific subject matter areas.

Prior learning, as validated, evaluated, and confirmed by qualified instructors at Naaleh, can also earn credits.

Up to 75% of a program’s credits can be transferred from other institutions to Naaleh College.

Can I begin taking courses at Naaleh College at any time?

Naaleh College has a defined academic calendar with a set semester schedule. The college runs three semesters a year, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Spring and Fall Semesters run for between 16-20 weeks, and Summer Semester runs for approximately 8 weeks. Click here for the 2016 Academic Calendar.

Do online classes at Naaleh College meet at specific times or may I set my own schedule of study?

All of the Naaleh coursework can be done at your convenience. Some classes will incorporate live online sessions. You can choose to attend the live session at the time it is given, or watch the archived version later. However, you must keep up with the weekly schedule of classes and assignments, and meet weekly deadlines.

How much time must I set aside every week for courses at Naaleh College?

Courses which do not incorporate video lectures require approximately 4 hours a week of readings and assignments. Video based courses require 3 hours a week of lecture time, and 1-3 hours a week of readings and assignments.

How do you track attendance?

For our video based courses, students watch or listen to every video lecture by watching it in streaming video on the Naaleh College site, or downloading audio and video files. The site records the student’s streaming and download history, which helps our teachers track student attendance. In addition, quizzes on each class are a measure of student attendance. Self-study courses do not include an attendance grade.

How do you avoid integrity issues which may come up with online tests?

All midterms and final examinations are taken by using an online proctoring service under strict testing conditions. Online quizzes are primarily used as self-assessment tools and not as assessments of student learning.

How do I apply to Naaleh College?

Fill out a short online application and submit a legal photo ID, a letter of recommendation, SAT score, high school, yeshiva/seminary, or college transcript and application essay by email to registrar@naalehcollege.com.

How do I choose my courses?

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted by the Registrar, Mrs. Yoheved Friedland, who will guide you through the enrollment process. You will then be able to enroll in the courses of your choice.

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

Both need-based and merit-based scholarships are available for eligible students. You can read a description of our financial assistance programs here. Contact our Registrar for details.

Questions about our Technology

What online learning platform does Naaleh College use?

Naaleh College uses the Naaleh platform, a unique platform which incorporates video lectures, source materials, and class discussion boards.

What equipment do I need to take Naaleh Courses?

Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64-bit or newer

Intel® i5 or i7 Quad-Core or Xeon Ivy Bridge or newer processors

3.0 GHz or greater processor speed

16GB Memory or greater

500GB Hard Drive or greater

Wireless Network Adapter

Adobe Flash version 9 or above


Microsoft Office 2007 or above

Adobe Reader version 7 or above