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Judaic Studies

Complete your online degree — and enrich your Judaism at the same time.

Want to earn your postgraduate degree in another field?

Our graduates can transfer their degrees to top-tier Ivy League graduate schools.

You want to make yourself more marketable with a bachelor’s degree.

You need a degree that’s affordable and convenient.

Do you feel uncomfortable about compromising on:

Courses with questionable or objectionable material?

A school calendar that doesn’t work around Shabbasos or yom tov?

The comfort of being surrounded by like-minded people?

Your priorities are important to us.

Earn your online degree — and enrich your Judaism at the same time!

Learn for your degree. Expand your Jewish horizons. Change your perspectives, one course at a time.

Enhance your Jewish worldview with:


Experienced, world-renowned Jewish educators such as Dayan Shlomo Cohen,  Rabbi Hanoch Teller, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller, and Rebbetzin Shira Smiles.


Thorough research and analysis of Jewish text and laws


A fresh perspective on Jewish thought and philosophy


A newly developed appreciation for Parasha,Chumash, Navi, Tanach, Chassidus, Jewish Law,  and Jewish philosophy

“The Cadillac of a college education for a ben or bas Torah”

Oh, how I wish I would have had the opportunity for a Naaleh College education back in the day! Educational, practical, affordable and Torahdik. This is the Cadillac of college education for a ben or bas Torah!

Hanoch Teller
guest lecturer for Naaleh College

“It’s my sincere belief that this can change your life”

Learning Torah at your convenience, online, and with a variety of courses to choose from is a dream come true. It’s my sincere belief that this can change your life, by making Torah more organic.

Rebbetzin Tzipporah Heller
guest lecturer for Naaleh College

“Each class was relevant for life”

Naaleh College let me combine learning Torah with earning my degree. I gained so much, and each class was relevant to daily life. I still draw daily inspiration from Rebbetzin Tzipporah Heller’s emunah class

Dena Robins

“I looked forward to watching Dayan Cohen’s lectures each week”

Dayan Cohen’s Law and Ethics Class was my favorite class. I really looked
forward to watching his lectures each week, where I learned more applicable and fascinating halachos.

Dina Biderman

The Judaic Studies classes were inspiring lessons on personal growth that I can remember and utilize my entire life

Netanya Silver

Why else choose our program?

Your degree will be affordable

  • Pay the affordable price of $300 per credit
  • Qualify for  a scholarship and pay a fraction of that

“Naaleh College let me get a degree without prohibitive debt”

Naaleh College let me get a degree without the prohibitive debt that comes along with the other college options I researched. I earned a scholarship and was able to transfer my entire associate degree toward my bachelor’s. I graduated with a bachelor’s four semesters later.

Dena Robins

“Naaleh College is the perfect solution”

Naaleh College is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to earn a degree from any location, at any time. I was able to move to Israel, travel back and forth to and from America, and take care of my baby—all while earning my degree. I loved the convenience that it offered.

Dina Biderman

You’ll have the convenience of online learning and the freedom to schedule your priorities.

  • Learn from any location
  • Complete your assignments during your own hours
  • Work at a pace that’s right for you

You’ll have the peace of mind knowing we’re here for you, every step of the way.

We’re here to:

  • Help you  organize, evaluate and transfer credits, so you can graduate in the most affordable, efficient way.
  • Create an individualized program for you, so you don’t have to worry about a confusing curriculum or extra coursework
  • Provide continuous assistance  with the classes, coursework, and assignments throughout




“They were always so available and supportive!”

I loved all of my teachers. They were always so available and supportive! Whenever I had a question, they answered me within minutes. When I wanted to accelerate my degree, they told me which exams to take


I was concerned that I would have trouble with the platform, but it was easy to navigate, and I was able to communicate with my classmates through the discussion board


You’ll gain from interactive learning

  • Learn via an easy-to-use platform
  • Benefit from class participation and support through our discussion board
  • Watch videos of the lessons for a classroom-like education

You’ll gain lifelong knowledge

Our courses will:

  • Teach you lessons you can apply every day of your life
  • Enhance your critical analysis skills
  • Improve your creative thinking abilities
  • Teach you fascinating, practical business-related laws

“I gained critical thinking skills I’ve never had before”

Naaleh College taught me to think in a way I was never used to. After taking their courses, I learned critical thinking and analysis skills I’ve never had before

Dena Robbins

You’ll be able to use your degree to:

  • Broaden your professional horizons
  • Go on to earn your masters in another field
  • Get a job in outreach, Jewish education, or another Jewish-related field

Real Graduates. Real Success stories.

Can you see results? Here’s what our graduates say:

“Naaleh made this dream possible”

  • I wanted to pursue other opportunities aside from my photography business and was limited because I didn’t have a degree. Because of Naaleh, I was able to earn a degree in a Torah environment while leading a very busy life as a photographer. Naaleh made this dream possible

    Netanya Silver
  • When I saw what Naaleh College was about, I was sold. Naaleh let me get a degree in a religious environment. Because it was flexible, I was able to learn at my own pace and keep my dream job. I loved Naaleh from the first week. Baruch Hashem, I got my dream job as a teacher just two days after I graduated

    M. Z.
  • My experience with Naaleh College was overall a very positive one, and I would definitely recommend it to others. After I completed my degree, I was able to work full time at my teaching job.

    Dena Robbins

Our graduates were able to get convenient, affordable degrees while learning subjects they loved.

Do you also want a flexible degree that will enhance your life, immeasurably?

Yes! I want to enrich my Judaism!

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