Complete Your Degree Without Leaving Yeshiva

Yeshiva Program

You’re thinking about getting your degree.

You want to stay in yeshiva.

We make that happen.

Our unique program is designed for yeshiva and kollel students like you.

Stay in yeshivah or kollel full time while completing your degree

Take online courses that correspond with what you’re studying in yeshiva

Take 3 secular courses and 4 Gemara courses

Graduate in the most accelerated, economical way

Use your degree to:

  • Expand your career opportunities
  • Earn a Master’s degree in another field
  • Get a job in kiruv, Rabbinic leadership, or Jewish education

How do we make it so simple?

Transfer 90 credits towards your degree

Complete online assignments on masechtas you’re currently learning

Pay only $300 per credit. Qualify for a scholarship and pay a fraction of the price

Degree Plan

Earn your bachelor’s degree while studying in yeshiva. Incorporate Talmud study into your college program, utilizing your Torah knowledge to accelerate your degree and move forward in your studies.

Required Major Courses

Course Credit Hours Source
Introductory Talmud Intensive 6 Naaleh College
Introductory Talmud Survey 4 Naaleh College
Beginning Talmud Intensive 6 Naaleh College
Beginning Talmud Survey 5 Naaleh College
Intermediate Talmud Intensive 6 Transfer
Intermediate Talmud Survey 4 Transfer
Advanced Talmud Intensive 6 Transfer
Jewish Law I: Laws of Daily Living 3 Transfer
Jewish Law II: Laws of the Festivals 3 Transfer
Total Major Credits 43 21 Naaleh College
22 Transfer

Required General Education Courses

Category Credit Hours Source
Science, Technology, and Math 9 Naaleh College
Language and Literature 6 Transfer
Social Responsibility 6 Transfer
Social Sciences 9 Transfer
Religion 15 Transfer
Total General Education Credits 45
Elective Credits 32 Transfer
Total Program Credits 120


Program Summary


6-8 Months

Transfer Credit

90 Credits

Total Online Courses

3 Math/ Science/ Technology
4 Talmud

Total Cost

Full Price: $9,000

*scholarships available for those who qualify

What do Naaleh graduates say about our college?

Taking the Talmudic Studies course really helped my Gemara learning by giving the structure and goals to make the most out of my learning

Yossi H.

The staff was always so available and supportive! Whenever I had a question, they answered me within minutes. I would recommend Naaleh College to anyone who wants to get a degree while remaining in a religious environment


The staff at Naaleh College was helpful, competent, and understanding. They were available for any questions by phone or email, and genuinely wanted to see me succeed

Simcha Ziskind

Our students are now learning in yeshiva full time while getting an affordable degree.

You can also make that a reality.


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