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Associate Degree in Computer Information



We have one goal at Naaleh College: to give you the tools and skills needed for a solid and successful career. Information Technology programs often include theoretical and abstract knowledge and information. But here at Naaleh we provide the most up-to-date, practical and on hands technology skills employers are looking for in potential employees. In this program students will master Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Students will be able to program extensively in JAVA, the #1 programming language, including its implementation into the Android world.  Students will be able to enter the Microsoft world after leaning C# and .Net. After finishing this degree, students will be able to program client side web applications with JavaScript, and server- based in PHP. In addition, students will learn iOS programming in the latest up and coming language called Swift. The degree is rounded off with database management and operating systems both very useful skills that can open up doors.




I. Demonstrate proficiency in computer applications

  1.  Create word documents
  2.  Publish professional presentations
  3.  Manipulate data using spreadsheets and databases


II. Write complex code for different platforms.

  1.  Develop websites in HTML, Javascriptand PHP
  2.  Design mobile applications in SWIFT language
  3.  Write programs with JAVA and C# languages


III. Demonstrate proficiency in aspects of technology management.

  1.  Design, implement and manipulate with relational databases.
  2.  Compare and contrast different operating systems and their varying strengths and weaknesses.




IV. Demonstrate creative thinking skills

  1. Student will be able to outline multiple solutions to a problem.  
  2. Student will be able to recognize consequences of solution and articulate reason for choosing solution.
  3. Student will be able to create a novel or unique idea, question, format, or product


V. Demonstrate critical analysis skills.

  1. Student will be able to organize evidence to reveal insightful patterns, differences, or similarities.
  2. Student will be able to Synthesize in-depth information from relevant sources representing various points of view/ approaches.
  3. Student will be able to analyze arguments defining limitations and implications.


VI. Demonstrate ethical responsibility

  1. Student will be able to judge and evaluate business behavior.
  2. Student will be able to compare and contrast employee and employer relationships.
  3. Student will be able to argue for the importance of ethical work responsibility.


Computer Information Program Requirements

General Education Core Requirements

Courses which Fulfill Criteria

Credit Hours

MAT 102



Language and Literature

Any COM, LIT, or Language courses


Social Responsibility

SOC 102, SOC 103, or other Ethics courses


Social Sciences

Any PSY, JPHL, or other social science courses



Total General Education



Required Major Courses

CPT 101

Computer Applications


CPT 111

Programming in Java


CPT 121

Web Development I


CPT 202

Operating Systems


CPT 210

Database Management


CPT 222

Web Development II


CPT 230

Mobile Application Development


CPT 212

C# Programming with Visual.Net



Total Major Courses



Total Elective Credits (Choose from General or Judaic)



Total Program Credits



Upon completion of General Education and Required Major Courses students may take any combination of electives to meet the required number. Elective courses are either general or Judaic.

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