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Fall 2013 ~ September 30, 2013- January 12, 2014
Course Number Course Title Instructor Lecturer Course Description Category
SCRP201 The Books of Daniel and Trei Asar Professor Chana Prero Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller/Rabbi Hanoch Teller Sefer Daniel and Trei Asar both contain prophecies from the end of the First Temple Era, with Daniel also taking place during the Exile.  These books contain many timeless lessons regarding sin, exile, and redemption. Judaic Studies Major or Elective Course.
BIBL301 Chumash in Depth:  The Sale of Yosef and Akeidat Yitzchak Professor Hava Preil  Rebbetzin Shira Smiles

Students examine the powerful stories of Akeidat Yitzchak (The Binding of Isaac) and the Sale of Joseph. Utilizing a blend of classical and modern commentaries, students study these difficult episodes via a close reading of the relevant verses and a deep analysis of the hidden meaning behind these narratives.

Judaic Studies Major or Elective Course.
SOC102 Law and Ethics Dayan Shlomo Cohen Dayan Shlomo Cohen

Many of the principles presented in the Torah form the basis of Western ethics, both business and personal.  A study of these laws and their logical underpinnings will enable students to develop a moral compass and ethical behavior. This course presents issues of integrity in business based on practical examples of Jewish law for a moral and upright society.  The course presents modern issues in business ethics with examples of contemporary Rabbinic court cases for thought-provoking and engaging discussions. Classes use case studies and various sources to help students understand the underlying principles and thought processes behind business law, and discusses current topics to encourage lively interaction and debate.

General Education requirement
GRD101 Introduction to Graphic Design Professor Goldi Thalheim  Professor Goldi Thalheim

The Basics of Graphic Design course comprises the history of graphic design, the current technology, as well as the design principles to give a rich, well-rounded view of this ever-evolving field. The program will offer students information on perception, layout dynamics, in addition to illustration and photography in design.

Graphic Design Certificate/AA Required Course
CPT203 Introduction to Databases I Professor Rina Schwartz  Professor Rina Schwartz

This course will give students a solid foundation in database design and implementation. It provides in-depth coverage of database design, demonstrating that the key to successful database implementation is in proper design of databases to fit within a larger strategic view of the data environment. The course provides students with an outstanding balance of theory and practice.

Computer Programming/Web Development Certificate/Degree Required Course
CPT206 Introduction to Visual Basic Programming Professor Rivki Teplitz Professor Rivki Teplitz

This course is designed for students with no prior computer programming experience. The course focuses on teaching problem-solving skills and sustainable programming skills. A broad range of real-world examples, exercises, case studies, and programming projects gives students hands-on experience programming with the Visual Basic language.

Computer Programming Certificate/Degree Required Course
CPT105 Introduction to Image Editing and Implementation Professor Goldi Thalheim Professor Goldi Thalheim

Design elements such as basic composition, style, use of color, textures, graphic manipulation, photographic re-touching and text/font design are introduced. File formats, sizing, and packaging for export are covered in this class. Concepts such as pre-press production and printing are introduced.  Students will thoroughly examine the features of the industry standard digital design programs used in the graphics industry today: Adobe Illustrator® CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6®. Students will study the traditional skills and technology necessary for effective design for print and Web media. Using online project files, students are encouraged to practice what they have learned by tackling design projects throughout the text from concept to completion.

Web Development Certificate/Degree Required Course
CPT106 Introduction to Web Design Professor Rivki Teplitz Professor Rivki Teplitz

The Basics of Web Design with HTML, XHTML, and CSS is intended for use in a beginning web design or web development course. The text covers the basics that web designers need to develop their skills:

  • Introductory Internet and Web concepts
  • Creating web pages with (X)HTML
  • Configuring text, color, and page layout with Cascading Style Sheets
  • Configuring images and multimedia on web pages
  • Web design best practices
  • Accessibility, usability, and search engine optimization considerations
  • Obtaining a domain name and web host
  • Publishing to the Web
Web Development Certificate/Degree Required Course
GRD103 Design Layout Professor Menachem Weinreb Professor Menachem Weinreb

The program instructs students on certain layout and grids standards in addition to principles that are important for any job from brochures to annual reports, posters, websites, and publications. The course will outline and demonstrate basic layout/grid guidelines and rules including choosing the typeface for the project, striving for rhythm and balance with type, combining typefaces, using special characters and kerning and legibility.

Graphic Design Certificate/ AA Required Course
GRD104 Design Typography Professor Goldi Thalheim Professor Goldi Thalheim

The program focuses exclusively on the typographic features of graphic design. Students gain a comprehensive overview of the vast array of type capabilities, from the basics of character-level formatting to strategies for designing complex layouts using grids.

Graphic Design Certificate/ AA Required Course
GRD105 Multimedia Design TBA  TBA

Students learn the basic elements of multimedia and the skills required for a successful multimedia career.  The course explains how to incorporate text, images, sound, animation, and video into compelling projects. Students discover how to design, organize, produce, and deliver multimedia projects on the Web, CD-ROM, and DVD.

Graphic Design Certificate/ AA Required Course

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