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Fall 2014 – September 1, 2014 – January 12, 2015
Courses are offered only with sufficient enrollment.
Course Number Course Title Instructor Lecturer Course Description Category
CHAS301 Chassidut on the Parsha I Rabbi Mendel Breitstein Rabbi Hershel Reichman Discover the basics of Chassidut through a survey of the weekly discourses of Rabbi Shmuel Bornshtein, the Sochatchover Rebbe. In his Parsha insights, the Shem Mishmuel weaves together verses from the Torah with the comments of the Midrash, Commentaries, and Chassidic Masters, to create a new perspective of relevant lessons from the weekly Torah portion. Judaic Studies Major of Elective Course
SOC102 Law and Ethics Dayan Shlomo Cohen Dayan Shlomo Cohen Many of the principles presented in the Torah form the basis of Western ethics, both business and personal.  A study of these laws and their logical underpinnings will enable students to develop a moral compass and ethical behavior.This course presents issues of integrity in business based on practical examples of Jewish law for a moral and upright society.  The course presents modern issues in business ethics with examples of contemporary Rabbinic court cases for thought-provoking and engaging discussions. Classes use case studies and various sources to help students understand the underlying principles and thought processes behind business law, and discusses current topics to encourage lively interaction and debate. General Education Requirement
COM101 Composition I Professor Amy Styer Professor Amy Styer This course is designed to help students gain mastery over English grammar and writing skills. By the end of this course, students should feel comfortable writing documents from a simple e-mail to a research paper. General Education Requirement
CPT101 Computer Applications Professor Rina Schwartz Professor Rina Schwartz Computer Applications involves the essential computer skills that will help students succeed in academics as well as in the workplace. Students will learn the PC fundamentals that will increase their confidence in the use of computers. By the end of the course, students will have gained the skills and practical knowledge necessary to effectively use computers and will be able to utilize this knowledge in the many areas in which computers are useful. General Education Requirement

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