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Fall 2016 – October 31, 2016 – January 30, 2017
Courses are offered only with sufficient enrollment.
Course Number Course Title Instructor Lecturer Course Description Category
SOC102 Law and Ethics Dayan Shlomo Cohen Dayan Shlomo Cohen Many of the principles presented in the Torah form the basis of Western ethics, both business and personal. A study of these laws and their logical underpinnings will enable students to develop a moral compass and ethical behavior. This course presents issues of integrity in business based on practical examples of Jewish law for a moral and upright society. The course presents modern issues in business ethics with examples of contemporary Rabbinic court cases for thought-provoking and engaging discussions. Classes use case studies and various sources to help students understand the underlying principles and thought processes behind business law, and discusses current topics to encourage lively interaction and debate. General Education requirement
CPT 101 Computer Applications Professor Rina Schwartz Professor Rina Schwartz Computer Applications is designed to familiarize students with computers and their applications. Students will learn fundamental concepts of computer hardware and software. Emphasis will be placed on computer applications, in particular word processing (Microsoft Word), spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel), as well as basic understanding of databases, and multimedia presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint). General Education requirement and Major requirement for Graphics and Computers
MAT 101 College Math Professor Eliyahu Goodman
Professor Rina Schwartz
College Mathematic introduces students to basic mathematical concepts such as quantity, structure, space, and change. General Education Requirement
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology Professor Chaya Satt Professor Chaya Satt The course presents various issues and principles of psychology that reflect its current status as a behavioral science. This is an introductory level course and spans a broad variety of topics including; learning, perception, motivation, emotion, personality and intelligence, conflict and adjustment, mental health issues, and treatment plans. The student is required to display an in-depth understanding of the basic theories and principle of psychology. Students will become familiar with the bio-psycho-social model and be able to apply the theory to practical real-life examples General Education and Psychology major requirement
GRD 101 Basics of Graphic Design Professor Goldi Thalheim
Professor Goldi Thalheim
Your key to the world of graphic design! The Basics of Graphic Design course comprises the history of graphic design, the current technology, as well as the design principles to give a rich, well-rounded view of this ever-evolving field. The program will offer students information on perception, layout dynamics, in addition to illustration and photography in design. Graphics Major requirement
CPT 108 Introduction to Web Development I Professor David Reiffman
Professor David Reiffman
This course focuses on building core competencies in web design and development. The course has two components HTML and Javascript. The course covers basic to advanced concepts and skills for developing web pages and websites using the most current versions of HTML5 and CSS3. Students learn to create dynamic websites that incorporate forms, videos, JavaScript, cutting-edge CSS3. Students are exposed to both Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), as well as Dynamic CSS. The second half of the course covers the fundamentals of JavaScript language, Object Oriented Javascipt as well as AJAX. Computer Major requirement
CPT 301 Introduction to Information Security Professor Rina Schwartz
Professor Rina Schwartz
This course explores the field of information security and assurance with, including new innovations in technology and methodologies. The course provides comprehensive coverage of the topic that includes a historical overview of information security, discussions on risk management and security technology, current certification information, and more. Particular focus and emphasis will be given to network security capabilities and mechanisms (Access Control on wire-line and wireless networks), IPsec, Firewalls, Deep Packet Inspection and Transport security. The final portion of the course will address Network Application security (Email, Ad-hoc, XML/SAML and Services Oriented Architecture security). Computer Information Management Major requirement
BUS 403 Project Management Professor Hillel Rudolph
Professor Hillel Rudolph
This course prepares students to work successfully in today's exciting project management environment. Included are details of how to organize and manage effective project teams. Students will learn about planning and scheduling as well as the costs associated with project management. The course covers the latest business developments and challenges students will face such as project constraints, stakeholder issues, the project charter, and how projects relate to an organization’s strategic plan. Students will also be introduced to the latest version of Microsoft® Project 2016, one of the most popular project management software available. Computer Information Management and Business Major Requirement
BIBLE-P 220 Topics in the Parsha I TBA
Mrs. Shira Smiles
This course offers an in-depth study of selected topics in the weekly Torah portion, or Parsha, with a focus on character development. Some of the ideas discussed include the diversity of the Twelve Tribes, Sanctifying the New Moon, and the battle against Amalek. The classes cover most of the parshiot (Torah portions) from Genesis, Exodus, and Numbers. Each lecture begins with basic primary sources, usually a verse from the Torah, and then studies extensive selections from both the Early Commentators of the Middle Ages and the Later Commentators of the Modern Era. Mrs. Smiles adds excerpts from classical works produced by the Chassidic and Mussar Movements, and ties together all components of the lecture to present a new insight into one’s life as an inspired, Torah Jew. Judaic Studies Major requirement
PSY 303 Developmental Psychology Professor Tamar Varon
Professor Tamar Varon
Students will be provided with a balanced coverage of the entire life span. The course will utilize a modified chronological approach that traces development from conception through late life, while also dedicating information to important topical issues pertaining to particular points in the life span. Psychology Major requirement

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The following courses will be offered as correspondence courses. Students interested in taking one or more correspondence courses should email ASAP.

BUS 101 – Principles of Leadership and Management
CPT 303 – Introduction to Operating Systems
JPHL 101 – Fundamentals of Jewish Thought
BIBL 118 – Textual Analysis of Esther and Ruth
JLAW 230 – Beginning Jurispudence
JHIS 101 – A Survey of Jewish History: The Destruction of the Temple to the Establishment of the State of Israel
BIBL 211 – Advanced Genesis
JLAW 430 – Advanced Jurispudence
JLAW 102 – Sabbath Laws II
BIBLE 114 - Textual Analysis of Numbers
JLAW 400 - Hilchot Shabbat I: Honoring and Violting Shabbat
TALM 320 – Intermediate Talmud Survey
JTHO 105: Jewish Liturgy: Fundamental Concepts


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