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Spring 2014 Course Offerings
Course Number Course Title Instructor Lecturer Course Description Category
CHAS301 Chassidut on the Parsha I To Be Announced Rabbi Hershel Reichman Discover the basics of Chassidut through a survey of the weekly discourses of Rabbi Shmuel Bornshtein, the Sochatchover Rebbe. In his Parsha insights, the Shem Mishmuel weaves together verses from the Torah with the comments of the Midrash, Commentaries, and Chassidic Masters, to create a new perspective of relevant lessons from the weekly Torah portion. Judaic Studies Major or Elective Course
Jewish Calendar II:  Purim,Pesach and Sefiras Haomer
Professor Hava Preil  Naaleh Faculty

This course analyzes the sanctity, significance, and special powers inherent in the festivals of Purim and Pesach. It also takes a multifaceted look at the period following Pesach, known as sefirat homer (the counting of the omer). 

Judaic Studies Major or Elective course.
SOC103 Law and Ethics II Dayan Shlomo Cohen Dayan Shlomo Cohen

In part II of the Law and Ethics course presenting the foundations of Jewish Law regarding business conduct, issues of responsibility to others and their property are demonstrated and explained with clarity and conviction.

General Education requirement
GRD101 Introduction to Graphic Design Professor Goldi Thalheim  Professor Goldi Thalheim

The Basics of Graphic Design course comprises the history of graphic design, the current technology, as well as the design principles to give a rich, well-rounded view of this ever-evolving field. The program will offer students information on perception, layout dynamics, in addition to illustration and photography in design.

Graphic Design Certificate/AA Required Course
COM 101 Composition I To be Announced  Professor Amy Styer

This course is designed to help students gain mastery over English grammar and writing skills. By the end of this course, students should feel comfortable writing documents from a simple e-mail to a research paper.

General Education requirement
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology To Be Announced
To Be Announced

The introductory course to Psychology will provide students in the applied and academic field studies of the human mind and behavior. Students will seek to understand and explain thought, emotion and behavior. The course will provide a broad view of psychology as well as applications of knowledge gained from contemporary research to problems and challenges students face in today’s world.

General Education requirement

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