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Summer 2013 ~ July 1, 2013- August 26, 2013
Course Number Course Title Instructor Lecturer Course Description Category
JPHL101 Fundamentals of Jewish Thought Professor Chana Prero Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller This course explores four fundamental aspects of Jewish philosophy and faith. Part I analyzes the concept of trust in G-d as the ultimate provider of all of Man’s needs and desires in this world and the Next World.  It explains how to focus on joy as the key to developing a trustful relationship with Hashem, and ways to properly face the challenging areas of life that require trust in G-d. Part II examines Maimonides Thirteen Principles of Faith as well as the philosophical discussions of the Maharal on faith. Part III examines the role of the Torah as the source for directing the Jewish nation in their unique task in this world and defines the path towards the ultimate redemption. Part IV concludes with an in depth analysis of the Ten Commandments and the meaning in mitzvot. Judaic Studies Major or Elective Course
SCRP201 The Books of Daniel and Trei Asar Professor Hava Preil Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller/Rabbi Hanoch Teller The book of Daniel is a unique part of the Written Torah. It is mainly written in Aramaic, and describes the fascinating and inspirational life of the prophet Daniel. Rebbetzin Heller studies Daniel, focusing on its timeless messages, many of which relate to the Exile and its eventual end. In the second part of the course, Rabbi Teller exploresTrei Asar, the shorter prophesies of the late Era of Prophecy. These prophecies speak of pivotal concepts such as sin, retribution, repentance, forgiveness, and redemption. Judaic Studies Major or Elective Course.
CHAS301 Chassidut on the Parsha Professor Hava Preil  Rabbi Hershel Reichman

This course is centered on the weekly Torah portion. Within each Torah portion, one or two topics are analyzed and discussed based on the book of Chassidic discourses, Shem MiShmuel, authored between the years 1910-1926, by Rabbi  Shmuel Bornsztain, the second Sochatchover  Rebbe, who wrote his book between the years 1910-1926.  
This course attempts to deepen the student’s understanding of some of the themes presented in the books of Genesis and Exodus. This goal is achieved by discussing the narratives presented in this book, and synthesizing them with the comments of the Midrash, the Talmud, and Hasidic thought.  The concepts presented are then connected to contemporary life, and the students are able to apply the lessons of the Bible with modern day issues and challenges.

Judaic Studies Major or Elective Course.
BIBL301 Sale of Yosef-Akeidat Yitzchak Professor Hava Preil  Mrs. Shira Smiles Students examine the powerful stories of Akeidat Yitzchak (The Binding of Isaac) and the Sale of Joseph. Utilizing a blend of classical and modern commentaries, students study these difficult episodes via a close reading of the relevant verses and a deep analysis of the hidden meaning behind these narratives. Judaic Studies Major or Elective Course.

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