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Various Scholarship Opportunities
Available to Naaleh Students
Earn your degree at a fraction of the price!
Scholarship Options at Naaleh College
  1. Academic Scholarships: . A student with a combined SAT score of 1300 (Verbal + Math score) or above is eligible for a 50% reduction of tuition. To apply, submit official score reports to
  2. Need-based Financial Assistance: Up to 50% reduction in tuition reductions for needy students. To apply, submit tax returns for the two most recent years to .
  3. Dean's Scholarship: This unique scholarship is awarded to a limited number of students, who demonstrate a high motivation to succeed and a lack of previous opportunities to advance their higher education. Dean's Scholars benefit from a significant tuition reduction, paying $300 per 3-credit course. To apply, submit a Dean's Scholar application essay to
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Scholarship terms:
  • All scholarships are renewed annually based on students' fulfillment of requirements.
  • Dean's and Academic Scholars must maintain at least a 3.5 GPA (B+ average). Dean's Scholars must be consecutively enrolled in at least 3 courses per semester.
  • Need-based scholarship recipients must submit tax returns every year they are awarded the scholarship.
  • Scholarships do not include fees and textbook costs
  • Failure to uphold some terms of scholarships may result in students being retroactively charged full tuition for courses.
Scholarship will be renewed annually
for students who fulfill requirements.
Scholarships will be awarded by February 1, 2018 for Spring 2018 Semester. Hurry to apply now!
To apply for a Scholarship at Naaleh College, follow these steps:
  1. Apply to Naaleh College
  2. Submit all necessary application documents to
    These include:
    • Legal photo ID
    • Official High School or college transcripts
    • SAT scores (if applicable)
    • Application essay
    • Letter of recommendation
  3. Academic Scholarship: Submit official SAT score reports to
  4. Need-based Scholarship: Submit two most recent annual tax returns to
  5. Submit a Dean's Scholar Application Essay to
    Scholarship Application Essay:
    • Describe and substantiate your high motivation to succeed, as well as the lack of opportunities to advance your higher education in the past. The essay should show unique goals for your future, and how earning a degree at Naaleh College will positively impact yourselves and others.
    • The essay should be well-written, at least one page long, and should be emailed to, with title "Application Essay for Dean's Scholarship"

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