Naaleh College: Online Jewish College



Naaleh College offers students many advantages:

  • Opportunity:  Variety of career options offered.
  • Convenience:  Full college services and courses accessible from anywhere, with just a computer and an Internet connection. 
  • Judaic Studies:  Students who wish to include Judaic Studies in their post-secondary education may choose from a wide array of Torah courses to complete their degrees.
  • Guidance:  Class forums and teacher availability through email and regular online office hours, ensure that students are guided through the material studied.
  • Classroom Experience:  Use of video lectures allows students to see teachers and simulates the direct teaching of a brick-and-mortar classroom.
  • Expert Teachers:  Our lecturers and instructors include dynamic, experienced, and well-known teachers.
  • Affordability:  Reasonable tuition makes earning a college degree an attainable goal regardless of financial limitations.  Cost is $300 a credit, less than most private, online, state, or city colleges.
  • Scholarships:  Merit and need-based scholarships available.  Email for details.  

Statement of Ownership: Naaleh College is a subsidiary of Beis Midrash Queens, a registered 501-c3 not-for-profit educational and charitable organization.
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